Teaching Aptitude

16)Teaching means-
A disciplined social process that affects the behaviour of the students and help them developing the needs and ideas of the society To be taught in the ideas or principles of something by a given authority figure
Passing on knowledge or skills to someone else All the these
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17)While lecturing in a class a teacher should adopt
Moderate tone Precise and low tone
Precise and high tone Elongated tone
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18)Which of the following are the three basis areas of lecture?
Cognitive, affective and psyshromotor Cognitive, behavioural and social
Knowledge, comprehension and application Comprehensive, analytical and evaluative
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19)Which of the following is the objective of a teacher?
To gain possible maximum fame To efect welfare of the students to the possible maximum limit
To teach the possible maximum number of students None of these
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20)On which of the following does the success of a teaching process depend?
How well the teacher understands the physical needs of the students How well the teacher understands the pedagogical needs of the students
How well the teacher teaches the students None of these
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21)The actiivity based teaching is
Teacher centred Student centred
Subject centred Class centred
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22)Use of different technique in teaching makes
teaching easier teaching interesting
students pay attention all of these
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23)Which of the following is an example of verbal illustration ?
A graph A chart
A smile A model
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24)The objective of audio-visual aids in teaching is
to develop interest in learning process to improve student's comprehension
To promote greater students participation All of these
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25)Writing board is a/ an -
audio aid visual aid
adio-visual aid None of these
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26)Which of the following is the role of a teacher in project based teaching?
A guide An evaluator
No role Ask question
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27)Which of the following is the objective of project assignment to the students?
Encourage the creative abilities among the students Develop the ability of practical utilization of the facts among the students
Develop the desire of more knowledge Understand the use of the project
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28)Is internet based teaching suitable for Inda?
Yes No
Yes, but must must measure the effectiveness and guide time to time Not at the present scinario
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29)Basic education should be
student oriented activity oriented
project oriented all of these
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30)When a student bring an alternate solution to a problem and refer a book not prescribed by teacher, he/ she should be
Discouraged Encouraged
Advised not to follow other books Advised to meet the teacher outside the class
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