Examination, Evaluation & Assessment

151)What is the following are the uses of experimentation in education?
As a basis of fomulation, execution and modification of educational policies To determine and evaluate adequacy and effectiveness of educational aims
Ascertaining the effects of any change in the normal educational program and practices All of these
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152)A teacher is dissatisfied with a student? When the teacher check his answer sheet, the teacher should
give marks as per the ability of the student get the answer sheet checked by a good student
give good marks give less marks as punishment
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153)How to chek the understanding in a class?
By supervising the behaviour of the students in the class By asking questions in the class
By doing debate competition in the class Through examination
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154)The major purpose of diagonstic test is to identify-
specific nature of the remedial program needed the causes of underlying academic difficulties
the specific nature of difficulties of the students the general areas of weakness class performance
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155)Which of the following statement is NOT correct about objective questions?
Checking the answer sheet is easy In in children can not express themselves
In it children think more Children get full marks if anser is right
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156)If a student is caught cheating then a teacher should
punish the student Call his parent
advice him to do labour hard and do not cheat cancelled his answer sheet
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157)Multiple choice test is better than true-false test because-
it can attempted rapidly chance of guessing is 25%
easy to construct easy to evaluate
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158)In an evaluation, the performance of the students is compared either with the performance of his own class or with an outside criteria. The evaluation is-
a value judgement process an analytical process
a comprehensive process promotional process
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159)Objective type test is one where-
the marks is not influenced by the subjectivity of the examiner Multiple options are given to the students
a student can score 100% All of these
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160)Which of the following type question is suitable for class test?
Objective type questions Subjective type questions
Either (a) or (b) Both (a) and (b)
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161)Objective type test is not suitable to test-
organizational skill of a person geometrical construction ability
Either (a) or (b) Both (a) and (b)
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162)What is the benefit of taking test without prior information to the students?
It keeps the students alert and study always Weak students are punished
Class strength is maintained None of these
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163)How to reduce the problem of guessing and facking in objective type test?
By increasing the number of option By assigning negative mark on wrong answer
Both (a) and (b) None of these
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164)Error free test is said to be-
valid reliable
objective comprehensive
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165)In a test a question is asked "Write four differences between plants and animals.", This question is an example of -
Short answer type Objective type
Very short answer type descriptive type
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