Adjustment Problem in School

136)Mr. Verma is a good teacher but students are not satisfied with his teaching. What he should do?
He should change the class He should make harmoney with the style of the students
He should take training to reform his teaching He should change the teaching style
Answer :

137)The factors that affects the learning process of a learners is-
Motivation Physical and mental health
Desire of learning All of these
Answer :

138)How a teacher should face the individual diference ?
Try to adjust the curriculum as per the needs of individuals Try to know theabilities, capacities, interest and aptitude of the students
Both (a) and (b) None of these
Answer :

139)If a boy and a girl attracts to each other then what a teacher should do?
Make them seat apart Punish them
Expel them immediatly Tell them about the social life at present
Answer :

140)The reason of parent teachers meet is-
to discuss the performance of the students and remedial steps to send memorandum to the government
to set up rule regulation of the school to discuss the day to day functioning of the school
Answer :

141)To make his teaching effective a teacher should-
teach his lesson fast teach his lesson in an interesting and effective manner
iterate the question-answers to the students give answers to the questions of the lesson
Answer :

142)Which of the the following category of students a teacher would like most?
Active students Students from rich families
Obedent students Healthy students
Answer :

143)How will you stop the students who are naughty and take intoxicated substance?
Tell him the bad effects of these substances You will punish him
Send him out of the class Hand over him to police
Answer :

144)A student fails in examination and blemes the examiner or other students it is called-
projection identification
sublimation rationalization
Answer :

145)Which of the following can help a malajusted student?
Affection and symphathy in the school Affection and sympathy at home
Both (a) and (b) None of these
Answer :

146)A teacher transfrred from a village school to a city school. How will he teach?
There would be no change in his teaching style He should talk to the teachers of the present school then he should teach
He should live in the town then go to teach He should teach with modern technique like using internet
Answer :

147)Socially unacceptable behaviour is converted into acceptable one. It is called-
compensation sublimation
identification repression
Answer :

148)Students from disorganized home will experienced difficulty with-
independent study well structured lessons
workbooks programmed instruction
Answer :

149)Self learning is in accordance with the principle of -
partial activity multiple responses
mental set None of these
Answer :

150)For proper adjustment in the environment which of the following condition should be fulfilled?
Free from psychological diseases Social acceptability of the person
Physical fitness and health All of these
Answer :

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