Computer Science

286)WPA2 is used for security in
Wi-Fi Ethernet
Bluetooth None of these
Answer :

287)A genuine user is denyed computer resources is called
Virus attack Worm attack
Denial - of - services none of these
Answer :

288)Restarting a computer when it is on is called
Cold booting Warm booting
Shut down None of these
Answer :

289)A device that forwards packets in the network processing routing information is called
Router Bridge
Repeater Modem
Answer :

290)The device that is used to connect two networks using the same protocols
Router Repeater
Modem Bridge
Answer :

291)The device that is used to connect two networks irrespective of their protocols
Bridge Router
Modem Repeater
Answer :

292)The device that is used to connect two dissimilar networks
Gateway Router
Modem Bridge
Answer :

293)The device that is used to strengthen the signal in a network
Bridge Router
Repeater Gateway
Answer :

294)The two parts of E-Mail address is
Username and street address Username and domain name
Username and password Username and country
Answer :

295)RAM is volatile memory, means
Content is erased when power off Content remain after power off
It does not store data or program at all None of these
Answer :

296)Which of the following memories requires refreshing?
ROM All of these
Answer :

297)The supercomputer Param is designed and developed by
Answer :

298)The first electronic computer constructed at the Moore School of Engineering is
Answer :

299)Which of the following is a LIFO (Last In First Out) structure?
Queue Stack
Array Class
Answer :

300)Which of the following is a FIFO (First In First Out) Structure?
Queue Array
Stack None of these
Answer :

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