76)Hashish is obtained from which part of the plant
Fruit Leaves
Exudate from leaves and female in-florescences Exudate from leaves and male in-florescences
Answer :

77)Grey matter consists of ______
A large number of nerve cell bodies A large number of neurons
Neuroglia A large number of nerve fibres
Answer :

78)One of the organs that excretes water, fat and various catabolic wastes is the
Spleen Kidney
Skin Salivary glands
Answer :

79)The phlegm that accumulates in the bronchi is cleared during coughing by
Simple columnar ciliated epithelium Pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium
Stratified squamous epithelium Salivary glands
Answer :

80)One of the organs that excretes water, fat and various catabolic wastes is the
Spleen Kidney
Skin Salivary glands
Answer :

81)Which of the following sugars are components of cane sugar?
Glucose and galactose Glucose and mannose
Glucose and ribose Glucose and fructose
Answer :

82)Which of the following components found in all living organisms?
Fats Proteins
Nucleic acids Carbohydrates
Answer :

83)We eat food to
just satisfy out taste produce heat energy for various metabolic activities
Satisfy our hunger produce chemical energy for various metabolic activities
Answer :

84)Enzymes involved in chemical reactions
are used up during reaction are not used up during reaction
Decompose during reaction react more rapidly as reaction progress
Answer :

85)The epithelial cells lining the stomach are protein in nature, yet it is not digested by proteolytic enzyme secreted by the stomach because ____
the mucous secreted by mucosa protects against autodigestion the excess acidity of gastric juice destroys this enzyme
both mucous and bacteria give protection against autodigestion a rich microflora of bacteria makes the enzyme totally inactive for autodigestion
Answer :

86)Muscle fatigue occurs due to the accumulation of
uric acid pyrubic acid
lactic acid nucleic acid
Answer :

87)Water and mineral salts are translocated in plants in the
phloem collenchyma
parenchyma xylem
Answer :

88)The least toxic nitrogenous wastes is
creatine urea
uric acid creatinine
Answer :

89)The control cenres that regulate hunger, water balance and body temperature are located in
thalamus pons
medulla oblongata hypothalamus
Answer :

90)When dust gets into the eye, the part that gets inflamed is
sclerotic conjunctiva
cornea choroid
Answer :

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